innerwise® Basic Course online

Master energetic medicine with the innerwise Basic Course online.


About the Basic Course

The medicine of the future is a holistic, energetic medicine that enables everyone to promptly detect disturbances and illnesses in themselves, so they can then clear and heal them.

With six cameras and a film crew of four, we filmed a complete Basic Course which included twelve participants. Now, you can join us and learn alongside us, take part in practical exercises, watch diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, or work together with your friends and family.

The course lasts over fourteen hours. Decide for yourself when and how much you want to see and internalize.

For me, the most exciting part of the course was to be able to speak, not only to the twelve participants, but also to everyone who will see these videos. This brought a special presence and quality to the course. And the participants asked questions and experienced processes, not just for themselves, but also for you.

After all, you were right there beside us all along.

Basic Course online - Trailer


This course teaches you:

  • to train your intuitive perception and senses
  • to master the arm-length test and spherical vision
  • an introduction to the innerwise System
  • to recognize possible disturbances and their causes
  • to treat yourself using the innerwise Complete Healing System
  • to learn to take your stability into your own hands
  • self-help with regard to your own life situation


1. Introduction - Hearing and Seeing (29:51)

I - Seeing and testing

2. Learning to Read the Field (19:31)
3. The Arm-Length Test - Part 1 (41:15)
4. Perceiving and Testing (37:01)
5. Learning to Sense With Your Hands (17:43)
6. Practice: The Letter Test (40:32)
7. The Arm-Length Test - Part 2 (44:39)
8. The Head and Hand Tests (22:43)

II - Perceiving and making visible

9. Practice: Perceptions (40:50)
10. Parameters of Fundamental Stability (73:52)
11. The Drawn Imago (8:52)
12. Practice: The Drawn Imago (64:21)

III - Diagnostics step by step

13. Abdominal Organ Diagnostics (10:05)
14. Practice: Abdominal Organ Diagnostics - Part 1 (10:17)
15. Practice: Abdominal Organ Diagnostics - Part 2 (27:56)
16. Head and Chest Organ Diagnostics (14:07)
17. Practice: Head and Chest Organ Diagnostics - Part 1 (12:23)
18. Practice: Head and Chest Organ Diagnostics - Part 2 (25:12)
19. Diagnosing Rhythms and Structure (19:37)
20. Practice: Diagnosing Rhythms and Structure (32:30)

IV - Healing step by step

21. Using the Complete Healing System (62:00)
22. Tester: Yes To Me, Yes To The Body (18:32)
23. Practice: Yes To Me, Yes To The Body - Part 1 (27:29)
24. Practice: Yes To Me, Yes To The Body - Part 2 (32:51)
25. Tester: Yes To Change, Yes To Honesty (21:55)
26. Practice: Yes To Change, Yes To Honesty - Part 1 (32:32)
27. Practice: Yes To Change, Yes To Honesty - Part 2(14:37)
28. Tester: Yes To Love, Yes To Life (09:02)
29. Practice: Working With All Test Cards from the Complete Healing System (38:58)


Price: $167 for access to the innerwise® Basic Course online
Complete basic course, including thirty-five videos and over fourteen hours of material
If you are not satisfied with the course, we offer a three-day money-back guarantee.


In this video, you can see how the participant’s faces change throughout the course.