Become Your Own Healer

by Uwe Albrecht (eBook)


Your Primer to the innerwise experience

Do you ever feel like something is totally “off” in your life when it comes to your health? Like, regardless of how hard you try to fix it... things aren’t working out for you, for your highest good? Perhaps it’s something you can’t quite shake off no matter what you try...

Now you can take the first step to learning the methods that unlock the door to your amazing energy system. Learn how to UNLEASH a consistent flow of good health, by speaking directly to your subconscious, balancing yourself and finding the unseen energy forces taping your energy using energy medicine. Burst forth, with purpose, passion and the YOU that’s not been possible until now!

This short, but jammed-packed instrument of teaching, contains:

  • Why do our lives often not proceed the way we want them to?
  • Life energy—the magic power
    The arm-length test—talk with your subconscious
  • Do people who are ill want to be ill?
  • innerwise®: The Complete Healing System Self-treatment for everyone
  • The big clean-up: first your home, then your life
  • When you’re in the flow, success is inevitable


You will get access to this free 58-page manual of easy to understand topics and stories that will explain the concepts of energy medicine in an easy to understand manner.